Your Entry

From the year 2001 on, we have been among the ones who contribute significantly to defining how modern and reliable Big Data systems will work in future. Ever since, the name of innoSysTec has also stood for "Growth". And this is exactly how we wish to carry on with your support—provided you enjoy creating ideas and making your own decisions; pinpointing tangible results and having a say in our road to success. All this will be made possible by us no matter if you are a student, a university graduate, or if you have professional experience.

Our Environment

We are located near Lake Constance in a region characterised by a high quality of life and great recreational value. You will find plenty of sports programmes and recreational offerings both for individualists and the whole family. Particularly appealing is the ample choice of cultural events in town and nearby, such as the open-air theatre in Bregenz, events in the trade fair city of Friedrichshafen or music festivals in the university town Constance.
Friedrichshafen Airport is not far, providing optimum conditions for everybody fond of travelling, and also giving us a major advantage in our international activities.