Our INNO tip to the world of software developers.
Innovation is very important to us. That’s why our INNO software developers program what it takes. Good tricks are
essential here.
JavaScript – a programming language without type system. This feature can sometimes be very useful, but also brings
significant disadvantages. For example, the compiler can point to errors very early on in static-typed languages,
whereas in JavaScript these often only stand out at runtime.
One solution is TypeScript. An extension of JavaScript to include a type system. This expansion will not only make life
easier for INNO software developers. Try it.

Specify types or not?
The decision is up to you. If you decide yes, mistakes can be detected much earlier. This is particularly advantageous
for larger source texts – structure by type formation. This makes it easier to read, understand and revise the code
quickly. For all other errors then a simple debugging is possible directly in the browser. For us INNO developers an
easy way to work more efficiently.

Easily customize and integrate
Of course, it is important to easily integrate TypeScript into existing Java projects. But here too: No problem.
TypeScript does not have its own libraries, but uses the libraries of JavaScript. So it’s a superset of JavaScript, so any
JavaScript code can also be used in TypeScript without any changes.
Other benefits of TypeScript include the language components, such as enumerations, generics, and modularization.
Also the tooling around Typescript is broadly extended. So you can put together an efficient toolset according to your
needs for each project. It’s up to you.

Have fun. Enjoy coding.
Your INNO coding team.