Was your first thought about design? Here’s how to do it.

Good software starts long before the actual programming, the architecture or the first interface designs. It always starts with the question: what should the software be able to do?

Above all, we focus on creating added value for the user. The software should make the work easier. It should allow the user to make best use of their precious time and complete their tasks as efficiently as possible. Unnecessary or missing functions are time-consuming.

So, always start with:

Context analysis – know your user.

Every user has different tasks, needs and different types or levels of training and therefore different knowledge. All these factors influence what a user expects from software and how they get along with it. If the software isn’t suitable, it may look great and have great features, but it won’t make their work any easier.

Our tip from software professional to software professional: Talk to the user. Our experience at INNO has shown that conversations with the user are decisive for later success. Whether that’s using interviews, focus group surveys or user observations in the course of a context analysis, whatever you need to ask questions and get the right answers.

At INNO, we find user interviews most effective. These enable us to respond directly to our customer’s questions and wishes and generate the best solutions. We also learn from the user’s know-how and can implement this in a customised and even better software solution.

Know the needs of your users.

It is important to record the (work) tasks that the user has to perform daily. This results in user-specific needs. The better you know the user’s needs, the better you can deal with them during programming. In doing so, it’s not just having the required functions that it’s important, but also how usable the software is. The better it is adapted to the needs of the user, the more efficiently they can do their job.

Ideally, routine tasks would be automated so that the user can dedicate the time gained to creative and innovative work.

However, you proceed, the user and their needs should always be at the centre of software design. This allows the software to be accepted and creates added value for the user.

And now: have fun. Enjoy coding.
Your INNO coding team.