From March 2021, we will be offering the latest improved version of our sophisticated SCOPE software for analysing and evaluating large amounts of data. SCOPE can be utilised for a wide range of applications, and is especially suited to our national and international government clients and security customers. 

More than 20 years of domain ‘know-how’ and a constant focus on the needs of our customers speak for themselves -” emphasises Stefan Erne, CTO of INNO. “Our product SCOPE stands for powerful analysis that provides our customers with the crucial insights at the right time.”

SCOPE 15 optimises the following improvements:

An adapted interface in Flat-design, further enhanced by new functional elements, ensures seamless intuitive operation whilst incorporating a contemporary appearance. In combination with the new standard overview perspective, getting started with Big Data analysis has never been easier. Thanks to the new, duplicatable single view, users can easily compile an individual analysis dashboard according to their own personal preferences and requirements. 

New improved views for visualising the analysis data guarantees that you won’t miss anything in the future:

  • The Histogram can be applied to any information and visualises the value distribution at a glance, making numerical distribution visually apparent rapidly.
  • The Distribution Chart can be utilised, for example: to demonstrate the distribution of events to the country of origin.
  • Single Value Views are used to display the absolute quantity, minimum or maximum value along with the average of numerical values and are very helpful when displaying them on the dashboard.
  • With the new views for Geo-Analysis, you can determine travel movements clearly and over an extended timeframe.
  • An integrated Track Player now offers a display of movement profiles. This respective track can be played on the map, with the temporal course of one or more movement profiles easily traceable. 

In addition to the upgraded analysis functions, SCOPE 15 now offers User Audit Logging for the traceability of user interactions. This allows you to easily monitor and keep track of what is happening within your system at all times.

Interested? Get in touch with us! We are happy to arrange a meeting, together we will find the perfect analysis solution for your organisation’s needs.