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What we do

Our data-driven analytics software helps government agencies, intelligence services, institutions and organisations in their battle against terrorism, corruption and other constitutional threats. We turn big data into real knowledge. While adhering to the data protection regulations. And respecting human rights.

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Connecting the dots across various data sources is key to making the right decision in the right moment. Our SCOPE software turns vast amounts of data into intelligence to identify the proverbial pin in the big data haystack – faster, with greater precision and transparent pricing.

Simple, fast integration and transparent pricing. Our SCOPE software fits in every environment with multiple sensors and back-end systems. Result: big data becomes intelligence.


Full service at no hidden cost.



Ideal for getting started in the world of multi-source data intelligence. Our SCOPE BOX is preinstalled on a server and readily available. This turn-key product provides all the functionalities of SCOPE at an attractive price.



Perfect for analysing large amounts of data from a wide range of sources to uncover anomalies, develop a big picture and share insights. This unique intelligence analytics platform is perfect for maintaining security (at home and abroad).



Need more? In addition to our unique domain-specific products we provide standardised add-on modules and individualised amendments based on transparent price models. SCOPE+ allows for individual needs.

Core benefit

SCOPE helps government agencies, institutions and intelligence services safeguard public safety. The scenarios are endless. We identify the connections that makes all the difference in the Intelligence Cycle.


Our software enables analysis and evaluation of information from a wide variety of sources – our features include geo-data analysis, profile analysis, network analysis, time-lapse analysis and content analysis. Throughout, data sovereignty is our highest priority.


Our software provides the framework for the collection and storage of the analysis results. This enables efficient data management with clearly defined access rights – to make sure the data is shared only with those who are authorized to view and use it.

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Whatever your need – our SCOPE portfolio handles enormous amount of data and turn it into precise knowledge, prevent terrorist attacks, uncover corruption, safeguard operations and save lives. Across multiple sensor-based data sources. At transparent pricing.