Our Service during the Operating Phase

  • Service and maintenance systems matched to customer requirements
  • Rapid analysis of errors, simple correction methods
  • High flexibility in software configurability
  • Proven service quality
  • Direct points of contact


  • Assisting key personnel in goal alignment
  • Supporting service providers in decision-making
  • Moderating of communication processes
  • Setting up and supporting project teams in the solution process


  • Qualification of administrators
  • Training of user staff
  • System failure exercises
  • Training on data backup and recovery systems


Service and maintenance

In the phase of day-to-day operation, the system must be available around the clock. We offer a service and maintenance system that is fully matched to our customers' requirements. Among the essential elements of this system are quick troubleshooting, simple correction methods and a highly flexible configurability of the software. Customer satisfaction will also depend on the quality of our service - we are prepared!