19th August 2019

Interview with a newcomer.

Hi, Nicole. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’ve been working at INNO as an HR manager for about a month. I am 45 years old, have two children who are at ages that demand quite a bit of time and live directly at the beautiful Lake Constance.


You sound really cheerful today.

That’s right. When I see how INNO is growing, it really motivates me. There’s wind in our sails and we need personnel. This awakens my ambition to find the right person for our team (laughs). And I think we’re now on the right track with the assistant job.


What was your initial impression of INNO when you first arrived here?

I like to rely on my gut feeling, and it was positive from the very beginning. When I was here for my interview, I talked with Sonja for two hours. Then I also met Mr Zerwes. I can’t pinpoint anything exactly; it was simply a very pleasant interview, and this first impression has now been confirmed through my first few weeks here. I worked for another company for 14 years. Things are of course different here and you also need time to get involved with something new, but I feel comfortable and enjoy my work. I also find working in a close team to be very enjoyable. Sonja is always available when I have questions and has allowed me to participate and collaborate as an equal from the very beginning.


What else are you expecting from INNO?

Since I have arrived from a different industry, it’s going to be important for INNO to continue to provide me with good support so that I can get even more involved in the products. During the interviews, someone from the respective division is always present. But I also expect that over time, I will gain a stronger grasp of the specialist know-how.


What was your experience with the onboarding process?

I liked how I was received on the first day. To begin with, you sit together with the personnel department again and receive general information. In addition, everyone gets a mentor with whom they can have discussions. I find it very fitting.

The onboarding process is a very exciting phase indeed. For me, it was very intense at the beginning. On the one hand, my onboarding allowed me to get to know my tasks and the processes – everything was new, after all. On the other hand, the challenge – and I mean this in a positive sense – was to dive straight into the ongoing optimisation of the onboarding process.


Besides recruiting, what other tasks are you currently tending to?

These are the main tasks that I’m currently working on. I oversee three positions right now. And I’m working on the fourth one. Depending on the position, more intensive support is necessary – take Active Sourcing, for example. Sometimes a personal phone call comes up. This takes more time, but is also worth it.

I will take on other exciting topics such as company pension plans down the road.


Do the tasks align with what you had in mind?

For sure. I was looking for a challenge and found it here (laughs).


How did you find INNO?

I saw the job ad and the description appealed to me. I wasn’t aware of INNO before, but I’m glad I found this company. My colleagues are nice and the environment is really positive. For me, the flexitime model is a luxury. I didn’t have this in the past, and now I realize how nice it is to have a little more flexibility. Just this morning I had to bring one of my children to an outing and could simply push my workday back a half hour.

You can definitely tell that this is a place where work gets done. Everyone is fully committed and wants us to be successful. I appreciate this, and I want to be part of it. And no matter how stressed a colleague or management might be, they still take their time when you have a question.


You’ve already experienced a few highlights at INNO. Maybe you’d like to say a little something about that?

Yes, the last few days have been a real highlight. Today, I’ll have my third interview this week. It makes me very happy to see that applications – and good applicants – are coming in, and that we have had very interesting interviews this week.


I’m pleased to know that you like it here so much. I hope that this positive path will continue for you at INNO. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me!

Thanks as well for the pleasant conversation.

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