18th August 2020

School done. What’s next? Get to know INNO.

On 17.09.2020 INNO opens its doors for people interested in DHBW and future students.


Abi passed and now good advice is coming from all sides, questions about the future and information is piling up over information. So we were wondering how we could give you, apart from this flood of information, an exciting and entertaining impression of our INNO world. A world of software development and computer science that measures itself against the big ones.


But always one after the other.

On 17 September 2020, you can step onto fresh ground. Yup, you're putting your feet on almost unused terrain in our new INNO company building. And that is what awaits you:

  • What kind of software are we developing and for whom? ...mysterious ... We will give you the answer.
  • Authentic insight: By participating in the Daily Stand Up, one of our teams has agreed to give you an insight into our INNO way of working.
  • You can also ask our software developers questions ... You prefer to listen? Also good. Our developers can also tell you a lot.
  • That's something you can't afford to miss: A tour of our INNO world.
  • And the most important thing: Hunger. Since we want to make a good impression, we'll make sure that you don't starve to death. So we will provide you with a little refreshment.


And why are we doing this for you?

Well, that's obvious. We are looking for you and you and you as a new INNO member within the framework of a DHBW study in the field of computer science.


So short and crisp:

When?   17-09-2020

Where? In our new company building: Am Wasserstall 16, 88682 Salem-Neufrach.

So as soon as you see this building (see above), you know that you are standing right.

How?     Simply register until 14-09-2020 at jobs@innosystec.de


You want to inform yourself about our product? Then please visit our SCOPE page. And if you need a little insight into the lives of our INNO colleagues beforehand, you'll find it here.


We are looking forward to you!

Your INNO Team ​​​​

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