24th June 2020

INNO’s new SCOPE release V14: easy big data handling and API for established AI tools.

SCOPE is a highly sophisticated software for big data analysis and evaluation for a variety of use cases. It is operated in particular by national and international governmental customers to support their workflows.


From July 2020 on, the software specialist INNO provides the next SCOPE release V14. This new release has a clear focus on the simplified handling of big data. Therefore, INNO optimised processes in the background of the software and in the user interface.


“The ongoing improvement of the software handling according to our customers’ needs is a crucial success criterion for INNO and therefore the driving force for our development” Stefan Erne, CTO of INNO likes to point out. “The new release is again a big step forward to support our governmental customers ideally in their daily big data workflows.” he explains.


Some of SCOPE V14´s highlights:

  • The MaxMind data bases can now be updated in working mode without the need for further patches. This reduces downtime of the systems.
  • Every captured IP address will now automatically be supplemented by geo information like geo position and the name of the city. With this new feature the user gets additional information without any effort.
  • Another novelty is a now clearly arranged presentation of the map view. Different map layers enable the operator to reduce the data to the information which is relevant for the current analysis. E.g. tracking routes of vessels based on AIS or INMARSAT data can be faded in and out by one simple click.
  • Additionally, SCOPE V14 provides a new API supporting data evaluation with the assistance of well-established AI tools like Jupyter Notebook or Spyder. Via the new API automatic AI analysis and filter processes can be embedded directly into the SCOPE-based system. The new API supports the exchange of ECF and CSV data formats. With this new feature SCOPE provides intelligence systems with the possibility to get results easier and therefore quicker to save valuable time for the operator.
  • By changes in the software architecture SCOPE V14 now allows more flexibility: it can react quicker to changing environments and can e.g. easily adapt to higher data volumes.


Of course, also starting from July 2020 all new SCOPE BOXES – our entry solution in the world of Big Data – will be equipped with the new release SCOPE V14. If you would like to learn more about the SCOPE BOX or the new features of SCOPE V14, please have a look at the website www.scope.innosystec.de/en or simply give us a call: +49 7553 59088-0. ​​

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