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27th August 2020

INNO in new splendour. Want a virtual tour?

Get a first virtual impression of our new company headquarters.




A new building is already a great thing. Not only those who have already built their own home appreciate it, but also those who enjoy the new premises, the freshly painted walls and the new, larger premises. Although it can be a bit of a nerve-wracking during the construction phase: when you finally move in, euphoria and pride prevail. Some of our visitors are certainly curious to see how our new building has turned out compared to the previous rooms – at least those who have been here before and know how cramped it has become over the years and that a new building was urgently needed. But we also do not want to deny our new customers an insight into the INNO world.


However, since visits are currently difficult to realise, we have created a virtual tour, in which you can explore our building in advance and view individual rooms.

The tour begins in the impressive entrance hall with the striking bridge that connects the 1st floor with the Townhall. Our tour takes you at ground level from the foyer directly into the Townhall, which faces west: the highlight of our new INNO building. The interior is characterised by the grandstand and a large LED wall. From the outside, the INNO blue cladding makes it stand out directly. As a third room you can take a look into one of the many offices with exemplary furnishings. Whereby we can well imagine that INNO employees will soon be furnishing themselves in a similar way.

Of course, the virtual tour is no substitute for your personal visit to us – we would like nothing more than to be able to welcome you soon in person.


At this point, however, we hope you enjoy your tour of our new building!



Your INNO-Team


20th August 2020

Relocation preprogrammed by strong growth at INNO.

Crisis-proof and fast-growing employer moves into new, company-owned building.

INNOSYSTEC GmbH, the Big Data Analytics specialist from Lake Constance, will move into its new company building in August 2020. After 20 years and a very successful company history, the rented office space is no longer sufficient for further expansion. Due to the lack of larger, already existing premises in the area, INNO has decided to invest in its own building.

"20 years ago, we would never have thought that we would develop into an innovative, internationally recognised software company," says Peter Zerwes, CEO and founder of INNO. "The fact that we, with 70 employees today, are also an important employer in Salem and the region – with crisis-proof jobs – makes us particularly proud", Zerwes continues, "with the new building, we are also doing justice to our growth strategy: in future, we will offer space for 150 employees on 7,200 square meters of office space".

Working atmosphere and sustainability were the main focus when planning the building. Not only were the employees involved in the building plan and office design from the very beginning, the design also aims to achieve a work-life balance and to facilitate the exchange of ideas. For this reason, there are staff kitchens on every floor and the large lounge on the second floor offers direct access to the roof terrace. Even in the Townhall, which is entirely in INNO blue from the outside, customers and employees will find sufficient space for appropriate events. Last but not least, Mr. Zerwes paid attention to a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction method. Thus, a large amount of the electricity required is produced on the roof by means of our own solar system. In addition, INNO now also offers the option of charging its own electric car at the charging points in front of the company building, if required.

So, after a construction period of just under 10 months, INNO employees can finally move into their new building and are already look forward to further growth.


18th August 2020

School done. What’s next? Get to know INNO.

On 17.09.2020 INNO opens its doors for people interested in DHBW and future students.


Abi passed and now good advice is coming from all sides, questions about the future and information is piling up over information. So we were wondering how we could give you, apart from this flood of information, an exciting and entertaining impression of our INNO world. A world of software development and computer science that measures itself against the big ones.


But always one after the other.

On 17 September 2020, you can step onto fresh ground. Yup, you're putting your feet on almost unused terrain in our new INNO company building. And that is what awaits you:

  • What kind of software are we developing and for whom? ...mysterious ... We will give you the answer.
  • Authentic insight: By participating in the Daily Stand Up, one of our teams has agreed to give you an insight into our INNO way of working.
  • You can also ask our software developers questions ... You prefer to listen? Also good. Our developers can also tell you a lot.
  • That's something you can't afford to miss: A tour of our INNO world.
  • And the most important thing: Hunger. Since we want to make a good impression, we'll make sure that you don't starve to death. So we will provide you with a little refreshment.


And why are we doing this for you?

Well, that's obvious. We are looking for you and you and you as a new INNO member within the framework of a DHBW study in the field of computer science.


So short and crisp:

When?   17-09-2020

Where? In our new company building: Am Wasserstall 16, 88682 Salem-Neufrach.

So as soon as you see this building (see above), you know that you are standing right.

How?     Simply register until 14-09-2020 at jobs@innosystec.de


You want to inform yourself about our product? Then please visit our SCOPE page. And if you need a little insight into the lives of our INNO colleagues beforehand, you'll find it here.


We are looking forward to you!

Your INNO Team ​​​​


30th July 2020

In conversation with Peter Zerwes, founder and CEO of INNOSYSTEC GmbH

INNOSYSTEC celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. To mark this joyful occasion, we have conducted an interview with the founder and CEO Peter Zerwes. This provided exciting insights and interesting background information on the origins of INNO and the person of our CEO.


Mr Zerwes, as CEO of INNOSYSTEC GmbH, you are already known to some people.

Would you nevertheless please introduce yourself briefly to our readers?

My name is Peter Zerwes, I am 60 years old, married and have 2 adult sons. I studied electrical engineering at the RWTH Aachen.

Because I personally like the mountains, I looked for my first job in Southern Germany after my studies. At that time there was the option to choose between a trainee program at BMW in Munich and a job at Dornier in Friedrichshafen. I had made the decision on a day when the weather was best. When I stood in front of the Castle of Meersburg and saw the mountains and the lake, it was clear to me that I wanted to start my career at Lake Constance.


INNO is 20 years old this year. A lot of groundbreaking things have certainly happened during this time - and are happening right now with the new building.

How did INNO come about in the first place?

INNOSYSTEC is a spin-off from a project business. I was employed by Dornier and left there after five years to take over a small computer company as managing partner. I still belonged to this company until the end of last year but have since sold my shares.

After I left Dornier, this company had received an order request shortly after I left, asking if we would like to work on a project. Through this project we got in contact with the client who had commissioned Dornier at that time. The client was so satisfied with our services that he asked us whether we could imagine to develop this topic further. Due to the overlapping of old projects in the company and the new project, we decided to found a new company. It was founded by three people: two project managers from the Dornier company and myself. So we started with INNO in June 2000. At that time, the new economy was in decline and we started out practically as a solid and old economy, because we had no investors - instead, we had an attractive project assignment directly. And so it started!


If you were faced with this decision again, would INNO exist today?

For sure! I think, from a professional point of view, this was the best decision of my life.


For a long time you have been working with only a few employees and now the number is increasing much faster in recent years.

What is the reason for this?

In the first few years, we mainly did business through projects and only took on and processed those orders that were feasible. We attached particular importance to growing cautiously. Through this project work, which gradually increased, we also developed the personnel. Now the situation is different; at some point we asked ourselves why the market is growing very strongly parallel to INNO, but INNO itself is not growing so strongly. So we came to the idea of approaching this growth strategically - with all the consequences. This meant, among other things, increasing the staff in order to be able to fill completely different positions to accompany the growth.


Is that the reason why INNO is building a new (own) building?

Exactly, that is the main reason. We in the shareholder group have considered what conditions we actually have to create if we want to pursue this growth path. It quickly became clear to us that resources are essential, and especially working conditions. We have been tenants in an industrial park for 18 years, but now we are bursting at the seams here. So it was clear that we had to change. We absolutely wanted to stay in Salem and checked whether we could rent something. It quickly became clear that this was not possible, so we decided to build our own building.


Are there still employees today who were involved when INNO started 20 years ago?

Yes indeed, there are. Two valuable employees who have really been with us from day one: one of them is now our CTO and the other is active, among other things, as a senior software developer/architect and, in the area of security, as our security officer. That is really a great thing.


What have been your personal highlights in these 20 years? Apart from the new building.

Yes, of course there have been many highlights when I look back. What I find particularly remarkable is the fact that even after 20 years we still have customers who have been with us right from the start. Thanks to many successful projects, we are pleased about the high level of continuity in our customer base. This special relationship of trust with numerous customers has repeatedly led to the fact that we have been able to acquire new customers through recommendations without having to make any special sales efforts. Furthermore, our extremely low fluctuation is for me an indication that a lot is going right at INNO.


How did you celebrate the last (probably 10th) anniversary?

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of INNO with several events, for which the whole industrial park was decorated at the time. For example, on one Saturday there was an employee family day with a large tent and some attractions for the children. The family members were able to inform themselves in the building about the work of INNO and its partners. We also initiated a public authority day, which all our customers came to Salem for. There were information stands here, which presented INNO in detail. As a supporting program, we invited guests to a boat trip from Überlingen to the island of Mainau, followed by dinner. This day, with all its impressions, remained in the participants' memories for a long time - something that became apparent again and again much later in conversations with them.


In Corona times, parties are not so easy to organise - how is INNO celebrating its anniversary this year?

Yes, that is really bitter for us. In addition to the challenges from an entrepreneurial point of view that Corona brings with it, we have to do without the celebration this year. We had a lot planned: we wanted to have a great party to celebrate the opening of the building, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to organize a customer day, we wanted to offer a family day - we had a lot of ideas. In the meantime, however, the decision has been made to do without all of these events this year, in the hope that - with regard to Corona - next year we will have better times and we will then really all be able to celebrate with great joy and without restrictions! So it is not cancelled, but only postponed.


In 2007 INNO became part of the PLATH Group based in Hamburg, which is now not just around the corner. How did this come about?

We had seven years of project work behind us by mid-2008, mainly with German customers. The decision was made to take our first steps in an international environment. At that time, I was working alone in sales, so it soon became clear that we could only take this step with partners, as it would have taken too much time and effort to set up our own business at that time. Therefore we looked for a partner at that time. At the same time, PLATH, who already knew us from project business, approached us, expressed interest in a cooperation and wanted to acquire shares in order to join the PLATH Group. The deal at that time was quite simple: we bring our competence into the Group with a first-class reference from the German clientele of security authorities and an attractive product portfolio. In return, we were able to benefit from the large sales team in Hamburg and thus had immediate access to the international market.


How does INNO differ from other companies - what makes INNO different?

We have tried to establish an open culture here from the very beginning, i.e. the doors are always open. We have flat hierarchies, we have always attached importance to open and regular communication and over the years we have practiced a very elaborate staff meeting, which takes place several times a year. At these meetings, information is provided to the workforce from all known areas. We involve the workforce in many decisions. We have established creativity days, where we meet every two years for a large workshop. We discuss the challenges that exist internally and develop solutions.

Our new building has also been set up in this way. The colleagues were able to get involved and formulate their ideas and wishes, e.g. open-plan offices or rather small or medium-sized offices. We also owe our townhall in the new building to the ideas of the team. I think that is already a special feature of INNO.


What has been your greatest professional challenge so far?

The biggest professional challenge for me at the moment is the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic. There have been many challenges over the past 20 years, but most of them could be managed at your own discretion. With Corona, things look different. Right now we are facing a situation where we want to strategically build up international sales, and we are now being virtually slowed down. International travel is hardly possible or only with very strong restrictions. Personal contact with our customers is of enormous importance for our business. However, I am also proud of the fact that, despite the crisis, we have not had to introduce short time working to date. Thanks to our cautious management, we are optimistic that we will get through this crisis well.


What are the positive aspects of your (working) day?

Fortunately I can look back on 20 years in which I have always enjoyed my work to 90%. A lot of variety, this variety of topics, the possibilities to decide and also the feedback from the team; to look at the whole development of the company, with how much joy and commitment the employees work here, ... the satisfied customers ... - there are many positive aspects that simply give me great pleasure here.


Is there anything that you don't like about their everyday life?

Not having enough time to think through important and urgent issues with adequate care. Sometimes general conditions require quick decision-making. This has unfortunately increased over time. Likewise, the situation of often having a full schedule deprives you of the opportunity to work on topics in peace.


What do you wish for the future? And where do you see INNO in 10 years?

Of course I wish that INNOSYSTEC will continue to operate carefully and successfully. Above all, that the growth strategy and the corporate strategy that we have set up and have now begun to implement can be realized; that it bears fruit and that INNO with its solutions is perceived as a guarantee for reliability and security in the world, and that we can count many more satisfied customers among our customers in the future.


Thank you very much for your time Mr. Zerwes.


3rd July 2020

INNO appoints Camilla von Baer as Managing Director Marketing & Sales.

Top ICT industry expert to complement Managing Director Peter Zerwes and drive international growth and expansion of the customer base.


As of July 1st, 2020 Camilla von Baer will take over the newly created position of Managing Director Marketing and Sales at INNO, the Software and Big Data Specialist. In this capacity, she will work with the founder, Dipl.-Ing. Peter Zerwes, on further expanding the national and international business. The appointment of Camilla von Baer is intended to significantly strengthen the marketing and sales team and drive the company's successful growth strategy. With its leading software SCOPE, INNO helps public authorities, offices, security agencies and organisations to analyse, evaluate and process large amounts of data in compliance with data protection regulations. Founded in 2000, the company has been a member of the PLATH Group, based in Hamburg, since 2007.


"With Camilla von Baer, we were able to gain an industry-recognised, highly qualified marketing and sales expert", explains Peter Zerwes, Managing Director of INNO. "I am convinced that with her many years of experience, her team spirit and her passion for technology, she will provide a strong impetus and I look forward to working with her in the future and to continue to advance our company together".


Camilla von Baer has more than 20 years of professional experience in business and IT consulting as well as in sales and marketing in the ICT industry. From 2005 to 2019, Camilla von Baer held various senior management positions at T-Systems internationally and was responsible for new business and growth. Most recently, as Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications for a corporate start-up, she was responsible for omni-channel marketing for more than 40 digital products in the field of Industry 4.0, Cloud and Mobility. Other career highlights at T-Systems were positions as Vice President Business Development & Strategy for the largest international customers and Vice President IT Innovations Global Accounts. Camilla von Baer started her career in 1995 at the technology and management consultancy American Management Systems (now CGI). She holds a BA Honours degree in European Business Administration from the European Business School (London, Paris, Oestrich-Winkel) and completed the Leader Excellence Program at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin.


"I am delighted to be able to bring my extensive experience in international marketing and sales and my passion for digital technologies to such a renowned company as INNO," says Camilla von Baer, new Managing Director Marketing and Sales at INNO. "Throughout my entire career, my motivation has always been to actively work on and shape a better, secure and digital future. This will be my goal here too – together with my team and for our customers".


24th June 2020

INNO’s new SCOPE release V14: easy big data handling and API for established AI tools.

SCOPE is a highly sophisticated software for big data analysis and evaluation for a variety of use cases. It is operated in particular by national and international governmental customers to support their workflows.


From July 2020 on, the software specialist INNO provides the next SCOPE release V14. This new release has a clear focus on the simplified handling of big data. Therefore, INNO optimised processes in the background of the software and in the user interface.


“The ongoing improvement of the software handling according to our customers’ needs is a crucial success criterion for INNO and therefore the driving force for our development” Stefan Erne, CTO of INNO likes to point out. “The new release is again a big step forward to support our governmental customers ideally in their daily big data workflows.” he explains.


Some of SCOPE V14´s highlights:

  • The MaxMind data bases can now be updated in working mode without the need for further patches. This reduces downtime of the systems.
  • Every captured IP address will now automatically be supplemented by geo information like geo position and the name of the city. With this new feature the user gets additional information without any effort.
  • Another novelty is a now clearly arranged presentation of the map view. Different map layers enable the operator to reduce the data to the information which is relevant for the current analysis. E.g. tracking routes of vessels based on AIS or INMARSAT data can be faded in and out by one simple click.
  • Additionally, SCOPE V14 provides a new API supporting data evaluation with the assistance of well-established AI tools like Jupyter Notebook or Spyder. Via the new API automatic AI analysis and filter processes can be embedded directly into the SCOPE-based system. The new API supports the exchange of ECF and CSV data formats. With this new feature SCOPE provides intelligence systems with the possibility to get results easier and therefore quicker to save valuable time for the operator.
  • By changes in the software architecture SCOPE V14 now allows more flexibility: it can react quicker to changing environments and can e.g. easily adapt to higher data volumes.


Of course, also starting from July 2020 all new SCOPE BOXES – our entry solution in the world of Big Data – will be equipped with the new release SCOPE V14. If you would like to learn more about the SCOPE BOX or the new features of SCOPE V14, please have a look at the website www.scope.innosystec.de/en or simply give us a call: +49 7553 59088-0. ​​


5th May 2020

Sign of life from our daily business in home office time.

A big hello to everyone,

Here is a little sign of life from our daily business in home office time. We are still working hard and have meanwhile got used to the environment and the changed working conditions.
We hope you are also well. Stay healthy!

Your INNO Team


27th March 2020

INNOSYSTEC: Corona News.

Dear valued customers and partners,


Due to the current situation in which the coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) has reached almost all countries of the world, we all face challenges that we must and will overcome together. We at INNO are in good spirits and hereby assure you of our continued support.

The most important thing now is that our families, our colleagues and our fellow human beings are protected and remain healthy. Like many other professionals, most INNO employees work from home. We have the privilege of doing our daily work with digital tools and solutions, so we can continue to develop software and be there for you in all areas.

You can contact us as usual by telephone, video conference, e-mail or via our ticket system. Since we cannot travel to you at the moment, also because we want to protect you, we are working on solutions how our sales team can be present for you in new ways and in new channels to keep you up to date.

Nevertheless, we are very much looking forward to hopefully meeting you soon again in person.

Stay healthy!


Your INNO Team


27th March 2020

GPEC® exhibition: INNO in cooperation with the Dreger Group.

International exhibition and conference for internal security.


A little late, but nevertheless we would not like to deprive you of the impression of the GPEC® in Frankfurt.

"The GPEC® is simply compulsory [– also for INNO]! Europe's largest closed product show on internal security, accessible only to authorities. 537 exhibitors from 31 countries and 7,365 participants from 60 countries. Among the market-leading providers and competitors, we presented our Big Data Analytics software SCOPE – "Made in Germany" – in the context of the exhibitor, the Dreger Group. With strong men and women power we represented INNOSYSTEC GmbH (short: INNO): Nine INNO colleagues. There was always something going on at our stand. Many of the 7,365 participants also came to talk to us about SCOPE and its little sister the SCOPE BOX. In the background the drone show, to the right and left of us the shooting practice stands, there was plenty to admire at our stand and in the Dreger Group area.


About the GEPC in general, here is an extract of the final report from the organizer (translated by INNO):

"Many police and security authorities also contributed to the success of this GPEC® even as exhibitors and even more so as speakers at the conferences. A highly topical supporting programme and official working group meetings – more than 30 in all – once again made the GPEC® 2020 an indispensable industry forum. In addition to two unique international conferences (International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association and Environmental Transnational Crime), established conferences such as the 17th German Control Centre Congress, the PTI's specialist conference on weapons and equipment at DHPol, the specialist conferences on video intelligence, drones, automotive IT, TKÜ-ITÜ and the procurement seminar contributed to this success. New accents were set by conferences such as AI and future BOS-FEM, NLDW Non-lethal Distance Control Devices, Counter Terrorism and KRITIS, Clothing – Innovation and Sustainability in Functional Clothing, City Police and Municipal Order Services, Drug and Traffic Control of the PTI of DHPol, Meeting SE and Workshop Mission Control in the MEK. The workshops Police Messenger presented by the Saxon Police, Video Protocol Writing and Voice Recognition as well as Tactical Emergency Medicine were also service providers for interested parties.

Exhibition highlights were the training courses Knife Defence and Self Defence, the Indoor Tactics and Shooting Training with LACS, SIMGUN and UTM as well as the Indoor UAV Flight Zone and finally the After-Work-Party of GPEC® and BDK.

Since the year 2000 the GPEC® has developed into Europe's largest closed special event for internal security with exhibition and conferences – for many years under the patronage of the Federal Minister of the Interior. As a one-stop-shop for products and solutions for internal security that is unique in Germany, the GPEC® promotes the conservation of resources for the authorities and regularly exchanges information about their needs. As a closed exhibition for members of all authorities involved in internal security, the GPEC® regularly provides a confidential framework for the exchange of information with top managers, procurement officers, technicians, trainers and end users from the federal and state governments, from Germany and around the world. Competence "Made in Germany"."


26th March 2020

An interview in the Wehrtechnik with INNO CSO Axel Möhring.

Our CSO Axel Möhring talks to the Wehrtechnik about the security market, its significance for INNOSYSTEC and its challenges.


wt: What significance does the German defense and security market have for INNOSYSTEC and what does the company offer?

Möhring: INNOSYSTEC is based in Germany and works closely with the German security authorities, among others. It all started in Germany. This is how we have grown and continue to grow. In the area of Big Data Management, we offer a solution for challenges of all kinds for various customer segments. However, the German market is particularly important for us – here our solutions are running for the first time and are subject to high demands – both technically and in terms of national security interests. This is often the litmus test for later use in an international environment. The procurement process on the German, but also on the European market is too cumbersome and too slow, especially for software solutions. This is where we have to start if we want to maintain the existing expertise in Germany and not lose it. Sometimes we would like to be heard more. As a medium-sized company, it is difficult to attract attention in larger projects. However, we can always score points with our know-how and our reaction time.


wt: How quickly can you provide product solutions for a potential demand in Germany?

Möhring: We have to distinguish between the product business and the project business. Depending on which one we aim to achieve with the customer, this also influences the respective delivery time. In the product business, the aim is to make our standard product available as quickly as possible without long waiting times for the customer. This can sometimes only be a few weeks. Our product development is at a high technical level, so that we can provide an innovative solution within the shortest possible time. Since our foundation in 2000, we have grown constantly and consistently with our product and projects. With 75 employees, we have reached a size that also requires certain processes and structures. We are moving more and more towards standards in the software market. This is good, as it enables all parties involved to act faster and smarter. In this respect, I consider us to be extremely agile compared to our competitors and in view of our experience and expertise.


wt: Does INNOSYSTEC link the marketing of its products for a potential German customer to close cooperation with other (defense technology) companies or partners in Germany? What does the marketing strategy look like?

Möhring: Our core market is still Germany and Europe. We have long been asking ourselves whether we should or must diversify. In the end, we decided to stay with our core business and integrate partners into our projects for further requirements. Due to our size, we are not able to serve all projects or requests, so another important aspect for us is the partnership with large system houses and integrators. INNOSYSTEC is one of the "hidden champions" on the market – with the emphasis on "hidden". We are little known on the market and have consciously chosen this path over the last 20 years. We have operated in the German market and have simply done a good job. This is the best reference and the best advertisement for follow-up business. If you can call it that, then this approach has long been our marketing strategy. As long as you do a good job as a company, however, you get more attention over time and honestly also the hunger for larger markets. Since mid-2019, we have therefore been seen more actively and visibly on the market. The topic of trade fair participation is now at the top of the agenda for 2020.


wt: Are there any considerations to address the international market as well?

Möhring: The international market has been an attractive field of activity for INNOSYSTEC for ten years now. For 20 years, we have been building up domain knowledge on how to operate nationally, but also internationally within the legal framework. Last but not least, we offer a worldwide standard for input data. But once again: Without the German one, the international market would not be manageable for us. For a medium-sized company, everything outside of Germany holds not only opportunities but also great challenges. Especially with regard to export regulations, legal situations, customs and other legal regulations. There are requirements that do not exist in Germany in this form. Here it is important to find solutions and to be faster and better than the global players. Or to work with a global player as the engine under the hood. With reasonable effort and expense, however, there are frankly only two possibilities for us on the international market to be active and efficient.


wt: What makes INNOSYSTEC?

Möhring: It would be fantastic if a customer could tell us why they trust us, wouldn't it? I am sure that customers appreciate our understanding of their needs and that we quickly recognize the challenges they face. We have gained deep insights, but at the same time our colleagues enjoy a very high level of trust among customers. Often it is not a "client-company setup", but rather a partnership that is built up over many years. Our customers highly appreciate that we stay with our core business. We are happy to advise, but what we cannot do, we do not do. We know our limits and we communicate them openly. We have a solution that can process, prepare and visualize enormous amounts of data from a wide variety of sources – that's our daily bread, that's what we can do, that's what the customer appreciates about us and that's what makes us special.


wt: In your opinion, would a company like Blackwater be conceivable in the world of intelligence and security agencies?

Möhring: In my opinion, absolutely not. An independently viable construct in a parallel world free of law must be prevented. Just like electricity and water supply or social housing, the state must not give up security. But the state and the economy must be allowed to learn from each other and also benefit from each other. We need close cooperation and closer links between security authorities and German solution providers. I personally also believe that we need to give our security authorities more room for maneuver, both legally and in terms of equipment. We live in one of the strongest and safest democracies in the world. We all share responsibility for ensuring that this remains so. Politics, society and industry. We at INNOSYSTEC make a central contribution to the security of Germany.


2nd March 2020

INNOannouncement: AFCEA.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that the AFCEA was cancelled this year due to Covid-19.
We regret this but wish everyone the best and stay healthy.


The User Forum for Telecommunications, Computers, Electronics and Automation (AFCEA) is organising another conference and exhibition this year, on 1 and 2 April 2020,  on this topic:
Concrete digitalisation!
Means – Effect – Consequences

INNO is exhibiting here as part of the PLATH Group in the foyer at booth no. F17.

Come and visit us!


24th February 2020

INNOannouncement: Homeland Security.

Our next exhibition appearance takes us to Jakarta/Indonesia.

The Homeland Security (HLS) is one of the largest security fairs in South-East Asia.

From 04. to 06. March INNO is exhibiting as part of the PLATH Group at booth 830.

We are looking forward to your visit!


4th February 2020

INNOannouncement: GPEC®.

We are pleased to inform you that this year we will exhibit with our partner, the Dreger Group, at the GPEC® in Frankfurt.

From 18th to 20th February you will find us at stand no. F182.

Come by and get to know us personally.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


3rd February 2020

INNOannouncement: SCOPE Forum 2020.

INNO is back and off to a good start in 2020.

Right at the front, our announcement of this year. The customer event the SCOPE Forum 2020.

Further information will follow.


19th December 2019

INNO wishes you happy holidays.

The INNO team wishes you all a happy holiday and a good start into the year 2020. We say goodbye for this year with the newest state of our new building and look forward to the coming year.


9th December 2019

Career fairs for IT and software development: Weingarten, Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Constance.

We are hiring: INNO is looking for specialists in software development.

As every year, INNO was also represented at regional career fairs this year. These included the Karrieretage at the Weingarten University of Applied Sciences (RWU). Here Sonja, Nicole and Christian – our intern from RWU – answered all questions about internships, career entry and working at INNO. Theses in the field of software/IT were also a very popular topic at INNO. Some RWU students have already found their way to us in Salem, not far away. This year, there was great interest in our working student position in the area of software testing as well as in new software technologies used at INNO in the area of Big Data Management.

INNO was also present at the Kontaktpunkt at the University of Constance and for the first time at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences Karrierebörse. The new IT security course in Albstadt-Sigmaringen is well received by the students. Here, too, we talked to very well-trained students and will be back next year.


5th December 2019

As live as possible.

Webcam overlooks Salem.

Here you can watch our new INNO building being built.



26th November 2019

Close to our customer: INNO opens office in Bonn.

A small step to Bonn, a big step for INNO.

INNO opens a new office in Bonn in January 2020 in order to be able to operate closer to the end customer in terms of sales and service. The location expansion of INNOSYSTEC GmbH – INNO for short – will primarily serve to support existing customers from the area of German security authorities. The head of the office is our employee Benjamin Hornig. Under the umbrella of the PLATH Group, PLATH GmbH and PROCITEC GmbH will also be represented with employees in this office. Thus we as PLATH Group guarantee an effective and efficient support of our customers.

With its location in Bonn, INNO is centrally located and positions itself as an attractive employer in the Cologne/Bonn area.


Whatever you have in mind – INNOSYSTEC GmbH is a medium-sized software company for the analysis, evaluation and processing of large amounts of information. Founded in 2000 at Lake Constance, continuously growing, INNO is today a guarantor for reliability - your specialist for Big Data Management.

PLATH, INNOSYSTEC and PROCITEC GmbH unite under the umbrella of PLATH GmbH to form the PLATH Group.


19th November 2019

Work, work, build a little house.

The construction progress of our new INNO building.


What's new at Lake Constance? In the tranquil place called Salem?

It is being built. And not for anyone, but for us. Like Google and Co., we are not building just any building, no, it is being built in the new INNO design. Blue and white and our trademark, the data point, is reflected in many forms.

This building will not only consist of its meeting rooms and offices, but also of a townhall for events on the western side and as topping – literally – a roof terrace.

The move is scheduled for summer 2020. The new location of the INNO headquarters can be found just across the street. We are already very excited!




10th October 2019

INNOannouncement: Predict.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – INNO goes with it.

The INNO sales team was present at this year's Predict in Dublin on October 1, 2019. Europe's leading data conference. The big topic: The future of technology through AI and data. Here we got an exclusive insight into the latest AI research in various fields: Health and life sciences (e.g. genetics, CRISPR, wearables), AI and machine learning, technologies such as robotics and self driving cars and sustainability and data science in society (e.g. smart cities).

More than 30 speakers gave presentations on topics such as "Data modelling for better sustainable packaging" and "Analysis and Predicting Human Behavior with Extended Reality". This was where thought leaders and innovators from data science, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and technology met.


26th August 2019

.INNO presents: software release SCOPE 12.

Software product optimization at INNOSYSTEC GmbH.


Good news in the product area of our software. INNO remains innovative. Since July 2019 the new SCOPE Release 12 is available. Additional features are intended support the situation assessment and reconnaissance at home and abroad to increase the security in our everyday life. The aim of the release is to facilitate the analysis and evaluation of large amounts of data with a focus on more efficient, joint work.


19th August 2019

Interview with a newcomer.

Hi, Nicole. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’ve been working at INNO as an HR manager for about a month. I am 45 years old, have two children who are at ages that demand quite a bit of time and live directly at the beautiful Lake Constance.


You sound really cheerful today.

That’s right. When I see how INNO is growing, it really motivates me. There’s wind in our sails and we need personnel. This awakens my ambition to find the right person for our team (laughs). And I think we’re now on the right track with the assistant job.


What was your initial impression of INNO when you first arrived here?

I like to rely on my gut feeling, and it was positive from the very beginning. When I was here for my interview, I talked with Sonja for two hours. Then I also met Mr Zerwes. I can’t pinpoint anything exactly; it was simply a very pleasant interview, and this first impression has now been confirmed through my first few weeks here. I worked for another company for 14 years. Things are of course different here and you also need time to get involved with something new, but I feel comfortable and enjoy my work. I also find working in a close team to be very enjoyable. Sonja is always available when I have questions and has allowed me to participate and collaborate as an equal from the very beginning.


What else are you expecting from INNO?

Since I have arrived from a different industry, it’s going to be important for INNO to continue to provide me with good support so that I can get even more involved in the products. During the interviews, someone from the respective division is always present. But I also expect that over time, I will gain a stronger grasp of the specialist know-how.


What was your experience with the onboarding process?

I liked how I was received on the first day. To begin with, you sit together with the personnel department again and receive general information. In addition, everyone gets a mentor with whom they can have discussions. I find it very fitting.

The onboarding process is a very exciting phase indeed. For me, it was very intense at the beginning. On the one hand, my onboarding allowed me to get to know my tasks and the processes – everything was new, after all. On the other hand, the challenge – and I mean this in a positive sense – was to dive straight into the ongoing optimisation of the onboarding process.


Besides recruiting, what other tasks are you currently tending to?

These are the main tasks that I’m currently working on. I oversee three positions right now. And I’m working on the fourth one. Depending on the position, more intensive support is necessary – take Active Sourcing, for example. Sometimes a personal phone call comes up. This takes more time, but is also worth it.

I will take on other exciting topics such as company pension plans down the road.


Do the tasks align with what you had in mind?

For sure. I was looking for a challenge and found it here (laughs).


How did you find INNO?

I saw the job ad and the description appealed to me. I wasn’t aware of INNO before, but I’m glad I found this company. My colleagues are nice and the environment is really positive. For me, the flexitime model is a luxury. I didn’t have this in the past, and now I realize how nice it is to have a little more flexibility. Just this morning I had to bring one of my children to an outing and could simply push my workday back a half hour.

You can definitely tell that this is a place where work gets done. Everyone is fully committed and wants us to be successful. I appreciate this, and I want to be part of it. And no matter how stressed a colleague or management might be, they still take their time when you have a question.


You’ve already experienced a few highlights at INNO. Maybe you’d like to say a little something about that?

Yes, the last few days have been a real highlight. Today, I’ll have my third interview this week. It makes me very happy to see that applications – and good applicants – are coming in, and that we have had very interesting interviews this week.


I’m pleased to know that you like it here so much. I hope that this positive path will continue for you at INNO. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me!

Thanks as well for the pleasant conversation.


31st July 2019

Summer slump? Not at INNO.

Company archery trip – making INNOmemories.


For this year’s team building, we went to Lellwangen in the beautiful Deggenhausertal commune on 26 July 2019. The Allgaiers, a husband and wife team, lead an archery course here. We – the INNOteam – let off some steam in 35°C heat at 26 stations with 45 targets, split into two courses, on the hilly terrain overlooking the surrounding countryside.


After being equipped with a bow and arrow, and being given an introduction to intuitive archery, the safety precautions and the right technique, we were able to try out and improve our skills at the range. 21 bows and 126 arrows for us 21 INNOcolleagues. There was always an assistant nearby who, in a practised manner, imparted knowledge on the feel for the bow and arrow and the right posture.


Once everyone felt comfortable and had had little chats here and there, there was a small snack for strength before we went to the partly sunny, partly shady course at the edge of the forest.

Split into four teams, we were instructed on the course rules and assigned to the starting stations.


Then it began. We merrily made our way through the tall grass to the first station. Once we were there, we stood at the blue or white pillar and looked at our target. From fox, to lynx, from owl to deer to tiger, wild boar to ducks and geese. There were all types of animals – made from plastic, of course, but life-size. Challenge accepted. Head up, intuition on. Draw the arrow, hold, aim, release. Three times, then it was someone else’s go.


Although the sun slowly started to burn, we enjoyed the freedom, being together and the fun. Primary activities: seek shade, shoot and collect arrows. If we weren’t thinking straight, we had to look for the arrow for a bit longer. The little rascals like to lie quite flat to the ground so you can hardly see them in the tall grass. But that just strengthened our team spirit. We ran around the grass barefoot until we could feel the arrow beneath our feet. At least it cooled our feet down.


After six hours outdoors, even the last team had mastered the course. Everyone was exhausted but happy. Another day with wonderful memories.


23rd July 2019

News from the .RUNNERS

Strongest INNO team of all time at the Wielem Quarter.

The first running season highlight was scheduled for 5 July 2019: the Wielem Quarter. The small but mighty event in Mittelstenweiler is home to the final of the Linzgau running cup every year. As well as the sporting aspect, there’s also a cosy side to it in the village festival.

13 INNO colleagues motivated themselves to take part: eight were on the starting line for the 10 kilometre run, four colleagues competed in the 5 kilometre run and, as every year, one INNO collegue let the poles feel the heat in Nordic walking. Despite the extreme temperatures again (30°C), all of those who took part put up a valiant fight.

The following successes were recorded during the Linzgau running cup: Elisabeth secured the overall victory amongst the women. Marco achieved top 5 in the M age group and Gert and Volker also placed well in the running cup standings, which require consistent participation in all three races.

The Linzgau running cup was a successful start to the running year for the runners - the next goals are to follow!


Detailed results of the Wielem Quarter from the Linzgau running club.

Quarter: 10 kilometre run.



Overall ranking (M/W)

Age group ranking



17 /3rd woman































Eighth: 5 kilometre run.



Overall ranking (M/W)






41 /11th woman








Eighth: 5 kilometre walking



Overall ranking (M/W)





12th July 2019

News from the .RUNNERS

Anniversary run in Ravensburg with strong INNO participation.

On June 29, 2019, five INNO runners were on the starting blocks for the 30th Ravensburg town run. Over 700 runners. Four rounds through the town centre. A total of 10 km. A temperature of 35 ° C meant that it was a particular challenge.

As it did last year, INNO sent a small but fine team which performed extremely well. Elisabeth was again able to achieve a top ten place in the women and reached the winners’ rostrum in her age group. Peter and Marco had a close duel: At the castle run, Marco had his nose in the lead; this time Peter came in just ahead of him. The INNO-internal ranking thus remains exciting with every run!  😉  In the team classification Peter, Marco and Gert finished 25th out of more than 70 teams who competed.

The results of "Ravensburg is running" in detail:

10km (774 starters)



Overall ranking

Age group ranking



65./9. Mrs

3 (W30)




27 (M35)




36 (M)




15 (M55)




94 (M)


The next competition was already on Friday, 05.07.:

The Wielemer Viertele in Mittelstenweiler was also the final of the Linzgau Cup and the first highlight of the season for the running group team. This year, 13 colleagues have registered – a new record for participation by INNO!


1st July 2019


INNO at the ISS World Europe in Prague.


INNOSYSTEC GmbH is often on-the-go. You had the opportunity to meet us - your reliable and proficient partner - at the ISS World EUROPE in Prague from 28 to 30 May 2019. This is the most important industry-specific trade fair in Europe where partners and clients can meet for a tête-à-tête. Needless to say, we at INNOSYSTEC GmbH were also on the lookout for innovations and the most interesting developments in the security sector.


The ISS in Prague is the world's largest gathering of regional analysts for law enforcement, intelligence services and homeland security, telecommunications as well as financial crime investigators in charge of cybercrime investigations, electronic surveillance and information procurement.


27th June 2019


INNO strengthens its management with a second CEO.


.INNO consistently aligns all its forces to improve growth. In order to implement this strategy in an optimal manner, the Big Data expert from Salem am Bodensee has decided to strengthen its management by bringing another CEO on board who will focus on sales and marketing. Nico Scharfe, Managing Director of PLATH GmbH, will fill this new position on an interim basis. In addition, the managing directors are also partners in the company.


Peter Zerwes, Founder and Managing Director, will now steer the growth course with a focus on technology and operations.


19th June 2019

Your IT-company.

EW in Stockholm – INNO was there.

From 13 until 15 May 2019, INNOSYSTEC GmbH showcased itself with its IT solutions for Big Data management at the Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) trade fair in Stockholm. At the trade fair organised by the Association of Old Crows (AOC), our CSO (Chief Sales Officer) Axel Möhring held the fort with the support of our Technical Sales Engineer Lars Schuler. They presented our software solutions from the INNO company at the stand of the Plath Group.


Innovation and representation at the EW.

At the EW, companies showcase themselves in the Electromagnetic Warfare sector with their innovations and the latest technologies. As a software supplier for controlling and coordinating huge volumes of data, INNO has to be here, of course. An important component of the EW is expanding your network. Making new contacts, finding out about the latest state of technology, and being part of the EW community. Exhibitors as well as military leaders and decision-makers in government swap ideas and information and visit the conferences and workshops offered. And INNO is in the midst of them as an innovative software SME for Big Data management. With 70 colleagues, INNO works on IT solutions that systematise and prepare large volumes of data and provide the basis for gaining insights and sharing them with others. Here at the EW too, we thus make a contribution to preserving peace and protecting human lives.


Protecting human lives.

Protecting human lives is at the top of our agenda. War, terror, corruption and economic crime. The fast pace and latest technologies offer undreamed-of possibilities. However, they are also leading to increasing uncontrollability and serious threats. A challenge for companies like ours – like INNO. With our IT solutions, we offer the possibility of accepting the challenge and making the uncontrollable controllable. The EW is the ideal platform for showing what INNO can do. This is where companies present their IT solutions that make it possible to adapt to the current and future preservation of peace in the international sphere and thus to protect human lives. An important part is designing electronic warfare in a flexible and innovative manner. This starts with research at universities and tertiary institutions, extends from production and integrators to decision-making instances in governments, and ultimately lands in the operational divisions. The EW offers INNO the possibility of collaborating with international allies who share our values.


And the PLATH Group?

INNO also collaborates through its corporate concept. For INNOSYSTEC GmbH is part of the PLATH Group. This is an alliance of SMEs that examine the socially relevant topics such as communication information and the protection of human lives. Each company in the PLATH Group is an expert in its respective specialist field. This alliance with more than 500 employees makes it possible to pool know-how and to work in a quick, flexible and professional manner.


22nd May 2019

Looking for freedom?

Connect recruitment fair: INNO was there.

This year saw INNO return to the Connect recruitment fair. On 15 May 2019, Sonja, Laura and Mario made good on the invitation from the HTWG Konstanz. The INNO team arrived in search of new faces for our INNO crew. The tasks included spreading a good mood and explaining our work in the security industry. This led to some discussions with the students who were present. Some were looking for internships, while others looked for a suitable company for their bachelor’s or master’s thesis. In this sense, INNO was put to the test.

INNO is growing.

Due to our growth, INNO offers many opportunities for one to start or develop their own career. Our offer? It’s diverse. Whether it’s as a software or web application developer, system administrator or data scientist, we offer jobs in all sorts of areas. Professionals are welcome, and so are those who are embarking on a new career. Interested? At our location in Salem near Lake Constance, we’re lucky enough to work in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. Want freedom in your working life? That’s what we offer at INNO: home office, flexible working hours and much more. And the best part is that you’re among like-minded people. Fancy a night of gaming or playing board games? Or maybe some sports instead? We’re always happy to be a part of it. We are a great team – and that’s not only at work.

Now you know.

And who are we? The INNOSYSTEC GmbH is a medium-sized software company that offers solutions to systematise large amounts of data and to process them in such a way that informative, sustainable and relevant insights result. Interested? Apply. We look forward to gaining reinforcement!


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