A day in the life of an INNO software developer:

Daily Stand-Up.

Java Full-Stack Development.

Web frontends with ReactJS, Redux, Typescript. Focus on high-performance display of large amounts of data in the browser.

Big Data backend development.

Database development (Elasticsearch, Minio).

Designing complex system components in a team.

Independent implementation of tickets previously created in the team.

Code reviews to improve code styles - own and/or those of colleagues.

Direct customer contact: not always, but more and more often, at INNO or at the customer - fascinating to see who we code for, what it is all about and which solution is really successful.

Integration into QA: direct and competent technical feedback.

“Developers Workshop” developer exchange: a great opportunity to gain insights into other technologies as well.

Support interns in their programming tasks, explain new technologies, review code.

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