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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – INNO goes with it.

The INNO sales team was present at this year's Predict in Dublin on October 1, 2019. Europe's leading data conference. The big topic: The future of technology through AI and data. Here we got an exclusive insight into the latest AI research in various fields: Health and life sciences (e.g. genetics, CRISPR, wearables), AI and machine learning, technologies such as robotics and self driving cars and sustainability and data science in society (e.g. smart cities).

More than 30 speakers gave presentations on topics such as "Data modelling for better sustainable packaging" and "Analysis and Predicting Human Behavior with Extended Reality". This was where thought leaders and innovators from data science, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and technology met.

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.INNO presents: software release SCOPE 12.

Software product optimization at INNOSYSTEC GmbH.


Good news in the product area of our software. INNO remains innovative. Since July 2019 the new SCOPE Release 12 is available. Additional features are intended support the situation assessment and reconnaissance at home and abroad to increase the security in our everyday life. The aim of the release is to facilitate the analysis and evaluation of large amounts of data with a focus on more efficient, joint work.

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Interview with a newcomer.

Hi, Nicole. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’ve been working at INNO as an HR manager for about a month. I am 45 years old, have two children who are at ages that demand quite a bit of time and live directly at the beautiful Lake Constance.


You sound really cheerful today.

That’s right. When I see how INNO is growing, it really motivates me. There’s wind in our sails and we need personnel. This awakens my ambition to find the right person for our team (laughs). And I think we’re now on the right track with the assistant job.


What was your initial impression of INNO when you first arrived here?

I like to rely on my gut feeling, and it was positive from the very beginning. When I was here for my interview, I talked with Sonja for two hours. Then I also met Mr Zerwes. I can’t pinpoint anything exactly; it was simply a very pleasant interview, and this first impression has now been confirmed through my first few weeks here. I worked for another company for 14 years. Things are of course different here and you also need time to get involved with something new, but I feel comfortable and enjoy my work. I also find working in a close team to be very enjoyable. Sonja is always available when I have questions and has allowed me to participate and collaborate as an equal from the very beginning.


What else are you expecting from INNO?

Since I have arrived from a different industry, it’s going to be important for INNO to continue to provide me with good support so that I can get even more involved in the products. During the interviews, someone from the respective division is always present. But I also expect that over time, I will gain a stronger grasp of the specialist know-how.


What was your experience with the onboarding process?

I liked how I was received on the first day. To begin with, you sit together with the personnel department again and receive general information. In addition, everyone gets a mentor with whom they can have discussions. I find it very fitting.

The onboarding process is a very exciting phase indeed. For me, it was very intense at the beginning. On the one hand, my onboarding allowed me to get to know my tasks and the processes – everything was new, after all. On the other hand, the challenge – and I mean this in a positive sense – was to dive straight into the ongoing optimisation of the onboarding process.


Besides recruiting, what other tasks are you currently tending to?

These are the main tasks that I’m currently working on. I oversee three positions right now. And I’m working on the fourth one. Depending on the position, more intensive support is necessary – take Active Sourcing, for example. Sometimes a personal phone call comes up. This takes more time, but is also worth it.

I will take on other exciting topics such as company pension plans down the road.


Do the tasks align with what you had in mind?

For sure. I was looking for a challenge and found it here (laughs).


How did you find INNO?

I saw the job ad and the description appealed to me. I wasn’t aware of INNO before, but I’m glad I found this company. My colleagues are nice and the environment is really positive. For me, the flexitime model is a luxury. I didn’t have this in the past, and now I realize how nice it is to have a little more flexibility. Just this morning I had to bring one of my children to an outing and could simply push my workday back a half hour.

You can definitely tell that this is a place where work gets done. Everyone is fully committed and wants us to be successful. I appreciate this, and I want to be part of it. And no matter how stressed a colleague or management might be, they still take their time when you have a question.


You’ve already experienced a few highlights at INNO. Maybe you’d like to say a little something about that?

Yes, the last few days have been a real highlight. Today, I’ll have my third interview this week. It makes me very happy to see that applications – and good applicants – are coming in, and that we have had very interesting interviews this week.


I’m pleased to know that you like it here so much. I hope that this positive path will continue for you at INNO. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me!

Thanks as well for the pleasant conversation.

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Summer slump? Not at INNO.

Company archery trip – making INNOmemories.


For this year’s team building, we went to Lellwangen in the beautiful Deggenhausertal commune on 26 July 2019. The Allgaiers, a husband and wife team, lead an archery course here. We – the INNOteam – let off some steam in 35°C heat at 26 stations with 45 targets, split into two courses, on the hilly terrain overlooking the surrounding countryside.


After being equipped with a bow and arrow, and being given an introduction to intuitive archery, the safety precautions and the right technique, we were able to try out and improve our skills at the range. 21 bows and 126 arrows for us 21 INNOcolleagues. There was always an assistant nearby who, in a practised manner, imparted knowledge on the feel for the bow and arrow and the right posture.


Once everyone felt comfortable and had had little chats here and there, there was a small snack for strength before we went to the partly sunny, partly shady course at the edge of the forest.

Split into four teams, we were instructed on the course rules and assigned to the starting stations.


Then it began. We merrily made our way through the tall grass to the first station. Once we were there, we stood at the blue or white pillar and looked at our target. From fox, to lynx, from owl to deer to tiger, wild boar to ducks and geese. There were all types of animals – made from plastic, of course, but life-size. Challenge accepted. Head up, intuition on. Draw the arrow, hold, aim, release. Three times, then it was someone else’s go.


Although the sun slowly started to burn, we enjoyed the freedom, being together and the fun. Primary activities: seek shade, shoot and collect arrows. If we weren’t thinking straight, we had to look for the arrow for a bit longer. The little rascals like to lie quite flat to the ground so you can hardly see them in the tall grass. But that just strengthened our team spirit. We ran around the grass barefoot until we could feel the arrow beneath our feet. At least it cooled our feet down.


After six hours outdoors, even the last team had mastered the course. Everyone was exhausted but happy. Another day with wonderful memories.

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News from the .RUNNERS

Strongest INNO team of all time at the Wielem Quarter.

The first running season highlight was scheduled for 5 July 2019: the Wielem Quarter. The small but mighty event in Mittelstenweiler is home to the final of the Linzgau running cup every year. As well as the sporting aspect, there’s also a cosy side to it in the village festival.

13 INNO colleagues motivated themselves to take part: eight were on the starting line for the 10 kilometre run, four colleagues competed in the 5 kilometre run and, as every year, one INNO collegue let the poles feel the heat in Nordic walking. Despite the extreme temperatures again (30°C), all of those who took part put up a valiant fight.

The following successes were recorded during the Linzgau running cup: Elisabeth secured the overall victory amongst the women. Marco achieved top 5 in the M age group and Gert and Volker also placed well in the running cup standings, which require consistent participation in all three races.

The Linzgau running cup was a successful start to the running year for the runners - the next goals are to follow!


Detailed results of the Wielem Quarter from the Linzgau running club.

Quarter: 10 kilometre run.



Overall ranking (M/W)

Age group ranking



17 /3rd woman































Eighth: 5 kilometre run.



Overall ranking (M/W)






41 /11th woman








Eighth: 5 kilometre walking



Overall ranking (M/W)




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News from the .RUNNERS

Anniversary run in Ravensburg with strong INNO participation.

On June 29, 2019, five INNO runners were on the starting blocks for the 30th Ravensburg town run. Over 700 runners. Four rounds through the town centre. A total of 10 km. A temperature of 35 ° C meant that it was a particular challenge.

As it did last year, INNO sent a small but fine team which performed extremely well. Elisabeth was again able to achieve a top ten place in the women and reached the winners’ rostrum in her age group. Peter and Marco had a close duel: At the castle run, Marco had his nose in the lead; this time Peter came in just ahead of him. The INNO-internal ranking thus remains exciting with every run!  😉  In the team classification Peter, Marco and Gert finished 25th out of more than 70 teams who competed.

The results of "Ravensburg is running" in detail:

10km (774 starters)



Overall ranking

Age group ranking



65./9. Mrs

3 (W30)




27 (M35)




36 (M)




15 (M55)




94 (M)


The next competition was already on Friday, 05.07.:

The Wielemer Viertele in Mittelstenweiler was also the final of the Linzgau Cup and the first highlight of the season for the running group team. This year, 13 colleagues have registered – a new record for participation by INNO!

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INNO at the ISS World Europe in Prague.


INNOSYSTEC GmbH is often on-the-go. You had the opportunity to meet us - your reliable and proficient partner - at the ISS World EUROPE in Prague from 28 to 30 May 2019. This is the most important industry-specific trade fair in Europe where partners and clients can meet for a tête-à-tête. Needless to say, we at INNOSYSTEC GmbH were also on the lookout for innovations and the most interesting developments in the security sector.


The ISS in Prague is the world's largest gathering of regional analysts for law enforcement, intelligence services and homeland security, telecommunications as well as financial crime investigators in charge of cybercrime investigations, electronic surveillance and information procurement.

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INNO strengthens its management with a second CEO.


.INNO consistently aligns all its forces to improve growth. In order to implement this strategy in an optimal manner, the Big Data expert from Salem am Bodensee has decided to strengthen its management by bringing another CEO on board who will focus on sales and marketing. Nico Scharfe, Managing Director of PLATH GmbH, will fill this new position on an interim basis. In addition, the managing directors are also partners in the company.


Peter Zerwes, Founder and Managing Director, will now steer the growth course with a focus on technology and operations.

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Your IT-company.

EW in Stockholm – INNO was there.

From 13 until 15 May 2019, INNOSYSTEC GmbH showcased itself with its IT solutions for Big Data management at the Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) trade fair in Stockholm. At the trade fair organised by the Association of Old Crows (AOC), our CSO (Chief Sales Officer) Axel Möhring held the fort with the support of our Technical Sales Engineer Lars Schuler. They presented our software solutions from the INNO company at the stand of the Plath Group.


Innovation and representation at the EW.

At the EW, companies showcase themselves in the Electromagnetic Warfare sector with their innovations and the latest technologies. As a software supplier for controlling and coordinating huge volumes of data, INNO has to be here, of course. An important component of the EW is expanding your network. Making new contacts, finding out about the latest state of technology, and being part of the EW community. Exhibitors as well as military leaders and decision-makers in government swap ideas and information and visit the conferences and workshops offered. And INNO is in the midst of them as an innovative software SME for Big Data management. With 70 colleagues, INNO works on IT solutions that systematise and prepare large volumes of data and provide the basis for gaining insights and sharing them with others. Here at the EW too, we thus make a contribution to preserving peace and protecting human lives.


Protecting human lives.

Protecting human lives is at the top of our agenda. War, terror, corruption and economic crime. The fast pace and latest technologies offer undreamed-of possibilities. However, they are also leading to increasing uncontrollability and serious threats. A challenge for companies like ours – like INNO. With our IT solutions, we offer the possibility of accepting the challenge and making the uncontrollable controllable. The EW is the ideal platform for showing what INNO can do. This is where companies present their IT solutions that make it possible to adapt to the current and future preservation of peace in the international sphere and thus to protect human lives. An important part is designing electronic warfare in a flexible and innovative manner. This starts with research at universities and tertiary institutions, extends from production and integrators to decision-making instances in governments, and ultimately lands in the operational divisions. The EW offers INNO the possibility of collaborating with international allies who share our values.


And the PLATH Group?

INNO also collaborates through its corporate concept. For INNOSYSTEC GmbH is part of the PLATH Group. This is an alliance of SMEs that examine the socially relevant topics such as communication information and the protection of human lives. Each company in the PLATH Group is an expert in its respective specialist field. This alliance with more than 500 employees makes it possible to pool know-how and to work in a quick, flexible and professional manner.

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Looking for freedom?

Connect recruitment fair: INNO was there.

This year saw INNO return to the Connect recruitment fair. On 15 May 2019, Sonja, Laura and Mario made good on the invitation from the HTWG Konstanz. The INNO team arrived in search of new faces for our INNO crew. The tasks included spreading a good mood and explaining our work in the security industry. This led to some discussions with the students who were present. Some were looking for internships, while others looked for a suitable company for their bachelor’s or master’s thesis. In this sense, INNO was put to the test.

INNO is growing.

Due to our growth, INNO offers many opportunities for one to start or develop their own career. Our offer? It’s diverse. Whether it’s as a software or web application developer, system administrator or data scientist, we offer jobs in all sorts of areas. Professionals are welcome, and so are those who are embarking on a new career. Interested? At our location in Salem near Lake Constance, we’re lucky enough to work in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. Want freedom in your working life? That’s what we offer at INNO: home office, flexible working hours and much more. And the best part is that you’re among like-minded people. Fancy a night of gaming or playing board games? Or maybe some sports instead? We’re always happy to be a part of it. We are a great team – and that’s not only at work.

Now you know.

And who are we? The INNOSYSTEC GmbH is a medium-sized software company that offers solutions to systematise large amounts of data and to process them in such a way that informative, sustainable and relevant insights result. Interested? Apply. We look forward to gaining reinforcement!

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